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Ysidra Kyles is another fresh voice - one that is quickly making a name for herself in the literary world.  Both her debut work and her sophomore project have left readers in awe and total disbelief.  Ysidra ingeniously manages to detail the accounts of true-life stories that are both shocking and real.  This brilliant author has garnered rave reviews across the country.

Ysidra has a desire and passion to reach the hearts and souls of her readers by sharing her testimonies of triumph. On 04/01/07, she released her first book entitled The Hunt Is Over!: Memoirs of an Ex-Preacher's Wife.  Since its release, the book has received countless accolades and has been a tremendous blessing to women and men across the United States and abroad. In The Hunt Is Over!, Ysidra shares her personal bouts with emotional abuse and low self-esteem, while at the same time, encouraging her readers to stay focused on the plan God has designed for their lives. Her creative writing style intertwines humor and spiritual wisdom, taking her readers on amazing, page-turning journeys. The Hunt Is Over! admonishes readers to seek God first prior to committing to marriage, and strongly advises couples to engage in spiritual and financial counseling prior to saying, "I do."

Ysidra's second book, was released on 08/08/08 and is strategically designed to serve as an invitation for all ladies to retire their "crowns" of drama in exchange for a life filled with peace, purpose and destiny. Drama, according to Kyles, has proven to be nothing more than Dumb Ridiculous Acts Manifesting Attention; and at some point, it [drama] has to become off limits to the self-respecting woman.  "Imagine how silly you look trying to balance a crown on your head while rolling your neck and popping your lips in the midst of a catfight."

Your Hair, Your Way: No Apology Necessary is the title of Ysidra's current work in progress.  In Y.H.Y.W., Ysidra strives to dispel the myth that African-American women cannot grow long hair.  As with her first two books, Ysidra strategically and effectively uses humor, wit and satire to share the successes and failures of her personal hair journey while providing her readers with tips and tools they can utilize to grow long, healthy hair.  In Your Hair, Your Way, Ysidra capitalizes on her unique ability to combine self-help and entertainment into a well-written book that encourages women to embrace their natural, God-given hair texture.  Your Hair, Your Way: No Apology Necessary is slated for release during the 4th Quarter of 2010.

Ysidra's readers are fascinated by her transparency and brutal honesty as she shares her innermost thoughts and feelings. Although a talented and gifted writer, her success lies in the fact that her number one goal is for her writing to allow others to see themselves in her in hopes that they might give careful consideration to life's choices versus acting solely on emotion and regretting those choices later.   

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